The Significance of Right Cladding Installation

Are you looking for a façade renovation? Adding external cladding can provide a weathering element to the façade. The rainscreen cladding can stand as a second layer of exterior cladding barrier. It works to keep the structural façade protected and dry from the external weather conditions/effect. Rainscreen cladding (ventilated facade) also allows air to ventilate the structure of a build while preventing moisture build-up.

However, exterior wall cladding is a material used to provide a layer or additional skin. In the construction industry, it’s widely used to ensure thermal insulation and weather resistance. It will also improve the overall appearance of the building.

The cladding industry has been under the spotlight constantly over the years. The problem of correct cladding supply and installation procedure is a serious issue. Sadly, some of the project failures tend to go live to the front pages.

There are three main points that should be considered, while installing any exterior façade, like the fire performance, installation techniques and weather-tightness and more. Finding the right & perfect balance between these factors is essential to create a completely safe and aesthetically appealing façade.

Remember that, they can be the deciding factors to understand whether a wall build-up is compliant or not. Please check out the pointers and consider accordingly if you’re considering an external façade renovation:

Fire Performance –

When considering fire performance for your exterior façade, the installation is likely the deciding factor. Manufacturers specialise in designing and testing systems with specific installation techniques.

So, it’s important to replicate design set out in the installation guidelines. The techniques are preferred for the specific product you are planning to use on your project. This way, you can obtain proven fire performance.

Installation Techniques –

Highlight the significance of right installation techniques is a key to make sure the high-performance façade. The performance of your façade will meet the standards decided by the manufacturer.

Weather-tightness –

Weather-tightness is an essential feature of the façade and paramount to ensure the longevity of any building. The ve systems can protect the main structure of the building effortlessly against the natural elements if designed and installed correctly.

Currently, there is a comprehensive array of systems with typical details of tested systems available to choose from. Most of the professional contractors will help you select the right product for your façade renovation project.

Final Consideration –

Turnkey Construction Services Ltd is offering the most reliable, highest quality cladding design, supply and installation services in London and the surrounding areas. We have extensive years of experience in supplying and installing rainscreen cladding, SFS, and curtain wall systems.

Our company has completed external façade renovation projects successfully in London and Essex. If you need immediate help with your façade renovation, contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!

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