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Rain screen cladding systems of today offer a defining aesthetic appeal to a buildings. Lightweight and durability of the rain screen facades make these a stand out solution for architects and designers. Apart from this, there are many other benefits as well such as greater design flexibility, better integrity, weathering and extended choice.

When talking about greater flexibility in designs, the rain screen cladding systems are lightweight in nature that provides designers the ability to create inspiring building designs. Whether you want a curved roof line or punched out aperture or any other specific shape, everything is possible with metal cladding system and London is one of the most variable place in terms of building designs.

Next is the durability of rain screen cladding system! The exterior metal cladding is considered as one of the most durable facade solutions as compared to timber and masonry. The timber and masonry are susceptible to discoloration, decaying and cracking whereas metal rain screen has higher longevity. Besides the tough, long lasting and low maintenance factory finishes there is one more thing that makes metal rain screen cladding durable and that is a robust material used to make the panels.

Finally, an extended choice! Today, a large amount of materials and finishes are available which provides you with a variety of rain screen cladding systems for any envisaged design concept of yours.

Why to choose Turnkey Construction Services?

At Turnkey Construction Service we believe that external façade works are the most important part of any building project as it provides the final exterior appearance to any building. Also, we understand that insulating a building is extremely important to keep it safe from rain, cold and other weather effects. Being a façade specialist and qualified cladding contractor based in London we supply and fit cladding systems to architectural specification and design the construction drawings for installation of the system for any project. We have comprehensive experience in supplying and installation of rain screen cladding, SFS and curtain wall systems that we gained by successfully completing various projects in and Greater London.

Among the various cladding companies in UK we TCS are the only one to work with products which we had past experience and provide proven record of our specialized services.

So if you are looking for a renowned and experienced cladding contractor London then give us a call today at 02034 882448or email us at

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