Top 3 Social Media Tips for UK Construction Companies

Social media, as much as everyone may complain and try and delete for 30 days in some sort of "DETOX" fad, isn’t going away. It’s only going to get bigger and bigger and consume more and more of our time, our data, our personality, our everything.

That’s not supposed to be an introduction to scare you, that’s just a harsh look at the reality - hopefully, to give an insight as to why Social Networking is the most critical thing you can do for your business right now.

So, we’ve narrowed down three top social media tips for small UK construction companies so that you can get a bit of a picture of how to grow and what to do on the big wicked social web.

1. Figure out your platform

There are so many different outlets of social media that it can be difficult to know where you want to start. If you’re a small, UK based construction company looking to boost your social presence, you’re not going to want to start posting all over Pinterest. Stick to the big 3 and do them well: ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Instagram If even that seems like too much effort, focus on Facebook alone - that’s where most of your business will come from, but we strongly recommend the use of three - even if it’s the same content cross posted!

2. Figure out what you’re posting

Each post you put onto social media can’t be an advertisement of your construction business. How many times do you scroll through Facebook, see an advert and scroll straight past without a second thought? People have become very good at detecting ads and will completely ignore them. It is a good practice to post nine ‘value’ posts and one advertisement only

Instead, you need to figure out a niche or an angle to approach posting. Maybe you’re funny and can use comedy in your posts (such as PaddyPower’s social media strategy). Perhaps you live an outlandish lifestyle that can be filed and tied into the company. Maybe you’re incredibly knowledgeable on your area of construction. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, you need to double down on it and use it to your advantage. The goal is followers, likes, and engagement and you get that from being yourself and being different!

3. Post and post often

Content and Volume is critical in the world of social media and with so many posts flooding all channels, you need to be a media machine if you want anything to stick and get engagements on your posts. Start with a single post every single day - nothing major that you can’t keep up with. Slowly ramp this up, maybe three days a week you’ll post two pieces of content instead of just the one. Now you’re posting ten times a week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Make sure that each post is of good quality, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. Try to avoid letting perfection get in the way of ‘good enough’, meaning if something is suitable for the job you need - stop polishing and rewriting and editing. Focus on content creation, and you’ll skyrocket in social.

Also, make sure that all of the content posted is in some way related to construction in one way or another - a great example of this is the ‘On The Tools’ Facebook page. Replicate something like that with an injection of your personality and you’re happy.

And there you have it - our top 3 social media tips for small UK construction companies. Remember that a social presence comes with time, patience, effort and a little bit of a different angle to post from. Follow these three tips, and you’ll be onto a winner - you just need to keep on posting!

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