Building Control approved house extensions build in 5 days.

New technology of building House extensions - Valuable space is build in 3-5 working days only;

  • Modular system meets all British Standards and is approved by Building Control;

  • Turnkey Construction Services is the only London based construction firm providing modular extensions and offering most reliable, transparent construction and renovation services;

Many people are thinking to extend their homes to add value and create extra space for offices, kitchens, dining rooms or maybe even just a bit more room for relaxing. However thought alone of expensive, messy, time consuming and problematic construction works may bring down all their dreams due to the nature and difficulties coming with it.

With the New approach to the issue, Turnkey Construction Services solves the problem with one window solution - House Extensions build in as low as 3-5 days, without mess and cheaper than standard home extensions.

​​Unique prefabricated modular system fitted on especially designed steel frame allows standard foundations to be replaced with point loaded PAD type of concrete supports - this bring all ground works to a minimum, but still meeting all British Standards. Therefore the sequence of all trades involved in the construction process is so well honed and managed, so there is no room for standing time. That is why the projects are completed so fast with unique approach of TCS Team. Read more or ask a question by clicking on this link -​

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