Rainscreen Cladding Facade
Rainscreen Cladding Facade

Rainscreen Cladding / Ventilated Facade Works Greater London, UK Professional Installation Service

Marley Eternit Cladding Wokrs
Marley Eternit Cladding Wokrs

Rainscreen Cladding Marley Eternit Facade Supply and installation project Greater London


Rainscreen Cladding Facade
Rainscreen Cladding Facade

Rainscreen Cladding / Ventilated Facade Works Greater London, UK Professional Installation Service


Cladding, Rainscreen Facades Supply and Installation in Greater London

External façade works are most important part of any project, as this give the exterior appearance to the final product and external cladding stands as weathering element. It also important to build to the right standard and insulate the building of the rain, cold and other weather impacts. Any difficult project must be complete by qualified exterior cladding contractor and Turnkey Construction Services Ltd are offering most reliable, high quality cladding design, supply and installation services in and around London.

Steel framing system - Metsec

Rainscreen system - Nvelope

At TCS we have comprehensive experience in supply and installation of rainscreen cladding, SFS and curtain wall systems, which we gained throughout many successfully completed project in London and Essex. We have successfully completed contracts with variety of products including, but not limited to Nvelope, FastFrame supporting systems with number of different panel manufacturers such as Marley Eternit, Trespa, Vitrabond, Valcan, Multipanel and more. 

As a façade specialist and cladding installer, we supply and fit cladding systems to architectural specification and design the construction drawings for installation of the system for your special project in Greater London and Essex. Also, we may supply professional labour to Your job with highly experienced management. We also are qualified with variety of fixings methods, such as Sika, NV1-7 or other methods of hidden fixing for the cladding.  

With huge number of rainscreen cladding, façade and roofing contractors in London, it may be difficult to choose right one to suite the task, however at Turnkey Construction Services Ltd we only work with products which we had past experience and may provide proven record of specialised services provided. Therefor we provide the best services within cladding industry in Greater London and working to the highest BS an EN standard.

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Supporting Framing

Other systems:

  • SFS

  • Curtain Wall

  • Aluminium Framing

  • Fabricated panels

  • Ventilated facades

Completed projects:

Marley Eternit Cladding Installation

Marley Eternit panels fitted on SIKA glue to Nvelope Aluminium framing system.

Vitrabond Cladding Panels

Vitrabond Composite Aluminium cladding panels adhered system

Vitrabond Cladding Panels

Black Vitrabond Cladding Panels

Trespa cladding panels

Rivet fixed Trespa cladding panels on aluminium frame

Marley Eternit Materia panels

Soffit Marley Eternit Materia panels adhered to soffits

Cladding Elevation in East London

Cladding works completed by Turnkey Construction in East London

Natura cladding

An example of reveal installation in Natura cladding. Marley Eternit

Reveal installation Natura Panels

Reveal installation in Natura cladding. Marley Eternit

Vitrabond Rainscreen Spandrel Panel

Vitrabond Rainscreen Spandrel Panel in East London

Marley Eternit Tectiva panels

Marley Eternit Tectiva panels South London Project

Marley Eternit Natura panels

Marley Eternit Natura perforated panels in Central London

Aluminium Supporting Frame

Aluminium Supporting Frame for Natura Cladding at Central London

Marley Cladding

South London , Rainscreen cladding project


Vitrabond cladding, North London

Supporting frame for Vitrabond

Supporting frame for Vitrabond cladding in North London

Vitrabond folding

Vitrabond cladding with groving at garage doors, North London

Rainscreen, SFS, Curtain wall contractor in London and Essex:


Installation -  rainscreen cladding, curtain wall, Lightweight Steel Framing System (SFS), render, aluminum doors and windows, ventilated facade (render, aluminium, cement panelling) on aluminium frame installation services.

Supply - all type of rainscreen cladding panels (Trespa, Marley Eternit, composite), aluminum glazing systems (Schuco, Kawneer, Reynaers, Veka, Comar etc.), SFS framing (Metsec, Kingspan, Frameclad etc.), aluminium framing systems (Nvelope, Fastframe etc.).